v pin and double pin tag pin

V- Pins

Double Pins also called as " V pins ", are normally tagged to a pair of garments which share a single price tag. Standard Double Pin can be used with any standard tag gun or free pitch standard tag gun. They are available in the following:

Raw Material                     :   Nylon
Nylon (sizes in mm)            :  35, 50, and 65
Packing Details                  :  50 pins per strip [25 pairs per strip ], 5000 pins per box [2500pairs per box ], 20                                                         boxes per carton
Recommended Usage        :   For articles which can be tagged using a tag gun, wherein one label is required to                                                         be attached to two or more articles, example, a pair of textile articles, pants, shirts                                                         skirts, dress materials, towels, etc
Suitable Tag Gun               :   Arrow 9S, Arrow 9L, Arrow 9EL, Arrow 9SA , Arrow 9SB ,Tagstar SA,Tagstar SB