loop tie pin and beaded plastic pins

Loop Tie Pins

Loop Tie Pins are stepped Loop Pins, also called as beaded loop pins. The size of the loop can be adjusted as desired. This does not require any tagging gun for using it. It can be fastened very easily by hand itself. Loop Tie Pins are available in the following :

Raw Material                     :   PP and Nylon
PP (sizes in inches)            :  3" , 5" , 7" , 9"
Nylon (sizes in inches)        :  3" , 5" , 7" , 9"
Packing Details                  : 1000 pcs per polybag , 50 polybag per one carton
Recommended Usage        :  Loop Tie Pin is best recommended for those type of products, where a hole                                                         using tag gun is not possible or not advisable, such as high quality pants/shirts,                                                         mugs, lamp shades, telephones, plants, flower pots, jewellery etc.