Super Exhaust For Spray Gun

Suction unit for spray gun super exhaust for spray gun clean garments faster with use of super exhaust and spray guns
This is a suction unit, which is a table-top-station for use along with any textile cleaning spray gun. You need to place the garment (which needs stain cleaning) with the stain, on top of the suction unit of the super exhaust, ensure the super exhaust is switched on, then, you spray over the garment in circular motions to clear the stain. The primary advantages of using the super exhaust unit is that the user is subject least to the dangerous fumes emitting out of the spray gun and reduced chemical smell on the garments. The spray gun can be directly connected to this unit itself. The suction unit and switch is designed in Stainless Steel. The unit is designed for continuous use on 110/220V AC, and consumes just 90 watts of power. The speed of cleaning should increase roughly about 3 times, than the manual speed.