tag gun arrow 9f

Suitable Needles

tag gun needle description
D191 Y without step B171 For I pin plastic Y with step
fine tag gun needle d191 tagging needle Y without step taggun needle B171 for i pin tagging needle y with step steel needle for tag gun
Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm)
A: 26.00 A: 31.00 A: 31.00 A: 25.00 A: 29.50
B: 13.50 B: 19.00 B: 18.50 B: 10.00 B: 12.50
C: 12.50 C: 12.00 C: 12.50 C: 15.50 C: 17.00
D: 1.30 D: 1.50 D: 1.50 D: 1.30 D: 1.40
E: 7.00 E: 8.00 E: 8.00 E: 5.00 E: 6.00

Arrow 9F Tag Gun

Arrow 9F

Arrow 9F Tag Gun Pistol Grip Tool is one of the best fine tagging guns available, which is fitted with fine tag gun needle. Arrow 9F tag gun is recommend by most users in laundry industry for creating washing effects on denims, socks industry for labelling etc.. Ease of use and simplicity in tagging makes this fine tag gun tool very desirable. Very comfortable design, coupled with a light weight body of just 78 gms, makes it very ideal for regular use. This Arrow 9F tag gun is ideal to use with delicate, standard, medium, heavy weight fabrics. This Arrow 9F tag gun works well with 50 piece strip tagpin, as well as 100 piece and 125 piece strip of plastic kimble (regular fine pins / micro fine pins.) Fine tag pins and replacement needles are sold separately.

- Uses Fine tag pins, Micro Fine Tag Pin, Micro Fine `I' Pin. We recommend to use it with our    ARROW Fine tag Pins / micro pins
- Recommend to use with 'Arrow D191', 'Arrow B171', Arrow- y wit step, Arrow-y without step, Arrow -for i pin )replacement needle (all are mark 2 needles).
- Fasteners are tagged smoothly through improved gear lever system.
- We do not use recycled material, and only use virgin material which improves durability and   quality of product.
- Lace free needle cap, reduces irritation caused by otherwise laced needle caps. During use,   needle cap can be fixed at the back side of the tag gun, to avoid misplacement
- The trigger in this tag gun is in step free design, thereby giving smooth tagging in low    pressure use.

1 Arrow 9F tagging gun with safety cap, fitted with Arrow D191 replacement needle.