arrow 9sb tag gun

Suitable Needles

tag gun needle details figure
B161 T161 D181
tag gun needle b161 tagging needle t161 tag gun needle d181
Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm)
A: 37.00 A: 35.00 A: 30.50
B: 25.00 B: 23.00 B: 18.00
C: 12.00 C: 12.00 C: 12.50
D: 2.00 D: 2.00 D: 1.80
E: 14.00 E: 12.00 E: 12.00

Arrow 9SB Tag Gun

Arrow 9SB

The price tag gun - Arrow 9SB, is an excellent tag gun fitted with mark2 type needles. Arrow 9SB tag gun is preffered by most manufacturer world-over. Since this tag gun has a stepless trigger mechanisms it improves speed of price tagging. With weight of just 78 gms, fatigue of continuous use is not felt. Arrow 9SB tag gun can comfortably work with standard and medium - weight fabrics. Plastic tag kimbles and spare needles can be purchased separately.

- Uses Standard tag pins (50 piece clip and 100 piece clip), Std. Hook Pin, Std. `V' Pin, Std.   Ring Pin. We recommend its use with our ARROW brand of Tag Pins.
- For use with D181 MARK II replacement needle.
- Plastic kimbles feed smoothly through improved lever Mechanism.
- Made from virgin raw material which are REACH-DMF-AZO-PHATALATES compliant, CFC   free raw materials.
- Lace-free. No irritation due to otherwise needle caps which have lace. The needle   protection cap is locked at the back of the taggun during use, to avoid misplacing it.
- Stepless trigger mechanism makes tagging very easy.


1 Arrow 9SB tag gun with safety cap, fitted with Arrow D181 replacement needle.