arrow 9el tag gun

Suitable Needles

tag gun needle information diagram
c142 tag gun needle
Dimn Size(mm)
A: 49.00
B: 38.00
C: 11.00
D: 2.00
E: 25.00

Arrow 9EL Tag Gun

Arrow 9EL

The Arrow 9EL Tag gun machine is fitted with extra long needle, most ideal for tagging three pairs of socks. Arrow 9EL tag gun is also recommend in the carpet industry, soft toys tagging. Squeezing the trigger gently, helps tagging price cards easily and effortlessly. Designed for maximum comfort, this tag gun weights just 78 gms, and is well suited for rugged use. This Arrow 9EL tag gun works well with 50 piece strip tagpin, as well as 100 piece strip of plastic kimble. These plastic tag barbs and replacement needles are sold separately.

- Uses Standard tag pins, Standard Hook Pin, Standard `V' Pin, Standard Ring Pin. We recommend to use it with our ARROW Standard Tag Pins.
- For use with 'Arrow C142' MARK1 spare needles.
- Fasteners are tagged smoothly through improved hook lever system.
- Light weight of this tag gun increases speed and efficiency of operators. - Nylon locking thread with slim needle cap, protects the extra long tag gun needle fitted in the machine, when not in use.

1 Arrow 9EL tagging gun with safety cap tied with string, fitted with Arrow C142 replacement needle.