Arrow 9sa tag gun

Suitable Needles

tag gun needle diagram
C121 T121 P121 H121 C131
tag gun needle c121 tag gun needle t121 tag gun needle P121 tag gun needle H121 tagging needle c131
Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm) Dimn Size(mm)
A: 30.30 A: 29.50 A: 26.50 A: 26.50 A: 30.00
B: 20.80 B: 20.50 B: 17.30 B: 17.30 B: 20.50
C: 9.50 C: 9.00 C: 9.20 C: 9.20 C: 9.50
D: 2.00 D: 1.85 D: 1.8 D: 2.0 D: 2.20
E: 8.00 E: 10.00 E: 10.00 E: 10.00 E: 10.00

Arrow 9SA Tag Gun

Arrow 9SA

The Arrow 9SA standard pistol grip labelling tag gun is one of the best tagguns in the market today. Arrow 9SA tag gun is very popular in most European countries. Stepless tagging makes attaching the price tag with use of tagpins a seamless and effortless work pleasure. This Arrow 9SA price labelling tag gun weights just 78 gms, which reduces labour fatigue. We recommend use of this taggun for use with standard, medium - weight fabrics. Standard Tagpins and replacement needles are sold separately.

- Uses Standard tag pins (50 piece clip and 100 piece clip), Std. Hook Pin, Std. `V' Pin, Std.   Ring Pin. We recommend its use with our ARROW brand of Tag Pins.
- For use with C121 MARK1 replacement needle.
- Plastic barbs feed smoothly through improved gear lever Mechanism.
- Made from high quality, REACH-DMF-AZO-PHATALATES compliant, CFC free raw    materials. - Lace-free needle cap, removes irritation due to otherwise laced needle caps.    While using, the needle cap can be locked at the rear of the tag gun, to avoid losing it. -    The stepless trigger in this taggun has a comfortable shape which makes it easier to tag.

1 Arrow 9SA tag gun with safety cap, fitted with Arrow C121 replacement needle.